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Providing American-Made Flags for American Homes


While it is impossible to put a value on the sense of pride that comes from displaying an American flag on one's home and the tremendous potential of our country when everyone feels welcome and united under the Stars & Stripes, it takes real dollars to purchase the flag sets that we give away at no cost to desiring recipients.


In addition to flags, 10% of your donation will go to Atlanta Children's Shelter to provide assistance to those not fortunate enough to have a home of their own. In the immortal words of President John F. Kennedy, "ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country."


Donating to One People is a simple and effective way to make your mark on the landscape of America as well as the lives of those we serve. One People is based in Atlanta, but our goal is to expand across the country. Please consider donating the following amounts:

$75 = 1 Flag

$150 = 2 Flags

$1,000 = 15 Flags

$5,000 = 75 Flags

$10,000 = 150 Flags

Save us 3% on fees and mail a check to:


3284 Northside Parkway

Suite 575

Atlanta, GA 30327​


Giving Disclosure: A full and fair description of the programs of One People and our financial statement summary is available upon request at the office indicated to the left.

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