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About Us 


The American Dream looks different for every single American, but every American deserves to be proud of their very own American Dream. 


One People Flags, Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization that provides free American flag sets for display on homes of underprivileged families and U.S. military veterans who desire a flag in order to unite our communities under a banner that belongs to all of us. One People is a completely nonpartisan organization. Through a combination of partnerships and the generosity of donors, the Stars & Stripes will proudly fly on the fronts of many more American homes as we work to execute our mission.


In addition to providing free American flag sets, One People uses 10% of donations to contribute to Atlanta Children's Shelter to provide assistance to those not fortunate enough to have a home of their own.



Our home-building partners build the homes, and we provide the flags.

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Our veterans organization partners connect us with veteran homeowners to receive our free flag sets.

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J. Hillyer Jennings came up with the concept for One People when he and his wife bought their first home in Atlanta in the summer of 2020. As he installed Old Glory on the front of his home, he thought that anyone in this country who wants an American flag on the front of their home should be able to have one, especially if they can't readily afford it or if they served in the military for our beloved country.  

Mr. Jennings is also a practicing attorney at King & Spalding LLP in Atlanta, where he specializes in mergers & acquisitions.


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