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Our goal is to bring America together, one flag at a time. One People Flags, Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization that provides free American flag sets for display on homes in order to unite our communities under a banner that belongs to all of us. Through a combination of partnerships and the generosity of donors, the Stars & Stripes will proudly fly on the fronts of many more American homes as we work to execute our mission. Plus, 10% of donations to One People go to Atlanta Children's Shelter to provide assistance to those not fortunate enough to have a home of their own.

The name "One People" is a phrase from the first sentence of the Declaration of Independence, and displaying the United States flag on the front of homes is a classic American tradition enjoyed by Americans since our nation's early days. Installing Old Glory on one's home is a symbol of pride for many people across the States, but it remains out of reach for many homeowners, including low-income families and even countless U.S. military veterans. Until now.

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Home-Building Partners


​One People partners with home-building organizations to provide free flag sets for display on the fronts of homes built for underprivileged families.​

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Veterans Organizations


​We also provide free flag sets to military veterans who participate with our veterans organizations partners, because our veterans undoubtedly deserve a free U.S. flag in recognition of their selfless service to our beloved country.

Unification Mission
One Flag, For All
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10% of All Donations

​To One People go to Atlanta Children's Shelter to provide assistance to those not fortunate enough to have a home of their own.

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​Donate $150 to Gift 2 Flags!

In addition to providing free flags, 10% of your total donation goes directly to Atlanta Children's Shelter.
Donates a Flag
Plus More
Other Ways to Get Involved

Volunteers and Interns

If you are interested in volunteering or interning for One People, please reach out to us via our Contact page to get started!

Potential Partners and Corporate Sponsors 

If your organization assists underprivileged families or veterans who might be interested in receiving a free American flag set, please reach out to us on our Contact page. We would also gladly welcome potential corporate partnerships and sponsorships. Thanks!

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